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Or Corporate Training?

Listen it's not just funny people who grow from laughter. Try it out.

  • 1 h
  • $20 a head
  • we will choose somewhere

Service Description

Lawyers, Doctors, Hr Reps, Accounts, Sales, Oil Rig Roughneck, Lingerie fairs, Teachers, and Waste management I've worked with just about every industry there is teaching the simple lessons that we are all human and built to work as a unit. Through the simple teaching of "Yes &" I will show your team how to overcome the initial speed bump of "No" and be more inclined for a yes. Improv is not just an art but also a way of life.. imagine if just one more person in your every day life told you instead of no.. yes.. How much easier would things be? Invite me to come play fun and funny games with your team (don't worry you don't have to be funny, most comics I know aren't.) In these distant times cant you afford this for your team? $20 a person but willing to negotiate for larger groups.

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